West Bengal Civil Service (WBCS)


Age Qualification Subject Content with marks
21-32 Yrs. For Group B Service Age not below 20 yrs. Graduation in any Discipline 1.Preliminary Examinaton Total Marks 200 Marks
i.English Compalsition 25
ii.General Science 25
iii.Current events(national& international) 25
iv.History of India 25
v.Geography of India 25
vi.Indian Polity & Economy 25
vii.Indian National Movment 25
viii.General Mantel Ability 25
TOTAL  Marks= 200

      2.WBCS MAIN EXAMINATION (Time 3 hrs. each paper)

Group-A Group-B Group-C Group-D
1.Bengali/Hindi/Urdu/Nepali/Santali 200 200 200 200
2.English 200 200 200 200
3.General Studies-I :       A) Indian History with special emphasis on National Movement.  B) Geography of India with special reference to West Bengal. 200 200 200 200
4.General Studies-II :     Science and Technological advancement, ,General Knowledge and Current Affairs,Environment. 200 200 200 200
5.The Constitution of India  and Indian Economy including role and function of Reserve Bank of India. 200 200 200 200
6.Arithmetic and Test of Reasoning. 200 200 200 200
7.Opsonal Subject.(One subject to choosen ,two papers of 200 marks each. 400 400 ….. …..
3.Personality Test 200 200 150 100
TOTAL MARKS 1800 1800 1350 1300
**Except paper 1.2. and 7,other papers will be of MCQ type.


Paper -1.     Bengali/Hindi/Urdu/Nepali/Santali-Latter Writing ( 150 words),Drafting of Report (200 words),Precis Writing , Composition and Translation  from English to  Bengali/Hindi/Urdu/Nepali/Santali . 200
Paper -2. English -Latter Writing ( 150 words),Drafting of Report (200 words),Precis Writing , Composition and Translation  from   Bengali/Hindi/Urdu/Nepali/Santali to English . 200
paper-3. General Studies-I  :   A) Indian History with special emphasis on National Movement.  B) Geography of India  and  West Bengal. 200
paper-4.General Studies-II :     Science  and Technological advancement, Environment,General Knowledge and Current Affairs,Global Warming,Industrial and Environmental pollution,Ozone Leyer and related issues,Etc. 200
paper-5. The Constitution of India and Indian Economy including the role and functions of the Reserve Bank of India (Central State Relatin and Devolution of Central funds to state,Planning orocess and objections of five years plan.Function of RBI and Monietary policy,Central Finance Commission and State Finance Commission and Fiscal policy of Government of India). 200
paper-6. Arithmetic (Mathematics paper at Madhyamik Examination of the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education, West Bengal ) and Test of  Reasoning  (this parts cover Analytical Reasoning: Data Sufficiency; Logical Reasoning : i) Logical Deduction ,ii)Forcefulness of the Arguments,iii)Implication of Sentences,iv) Inferring from Diagrams:Series:a)Letter Series,b)Number Series, Inferring from Data; Analogy Test;Symbol Interpretation ;Mathematical puzzles; Odd Man Out;Perception Test;Non Verbal Reasoning and Selection the Correct Sequence. 200
Optional Paper:-One subject two with tow papers will be of conventional type.
Note-Summary of the group-wise papers in the main Examination : Group A and B Services:-All 6 compulsory  papers and one optional subject of two papers . 2.Group C and D Services-All 6 compulsory  papers.   ***DEDUCT OF MARKS-There will be negative marking for each wrong answers to multiple choice questions(MCQ type 1/3)



The  two papers of the optional  subjects will be of conventional type and the standard of the examination will be  approximately that of an Honours Degree Examination as prescribed by the recognized Indian Universities.

The Topic ‘Environment’ in paper General Studies II will include the following:- Bio diversity and Coastal Regulation Zone, Global Warming. Industrial and Environmental pollution, Ozone Layer and related issues.

The Topic Indian Economy including role and functions of Reserve Bank of India of the 5th compulsory paper will consist of the following :-

Central State relation and devolution of central funds to state, planning process and objectives of five years plan, Functions of RBI and Monetary policy, Central Finance Commission and State Finance Commission and Fiscal policy of Government of India.

GROUPING OF SERVICES:- The services and post to which recruitment is made on the results of the WBCS.ETC. Examination are divided into groups: A,B,C and D. Minimum Qualification Graduate. A candidate may compete for one or more groups but is required to submit one application only indicating choice of groups. Different posts of Group A,B,C, AND D.


a)West Bengal  Civil  Service f) West Bengal commercial Tax se:
b) West Bengal Agricultural Income Tax Service g) West Bengal Excise Service.
c) West Bengal Co-operative Service h) West Bengal  Labour Ser:
d)West Bengal Food and Supplies Service i) West Bengal Employment Ser:
e) West Bengal Registration and Stamp Revenue Se:  


West Bengal Police Service.



a)Joint Block Development Offi: e)Assistant Commercial Tax Offi:
b) West Bengal Junior Social Wel: Ser: f)Deputy Assis: Dire: of Cons: Aff:
c) West Bengal  Subordinate LRS. g) Chief Controller of Corre:
d)Assistant Canal Revenue Officer.  



  1. Inspector of Co-operative Societies,
  2. Panchayat Development Officer under the panchayat and Rural Development Department.

Rehabilitation officer under the Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Department.

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